Turn off CMS color link on tekst when on phone breakpoint

Hi All,

Can’t seem to find this one on my own.

I have a cms collection with fully displayed banners with tekst, I can edit the color of the tekst based on the background color of the picture.

But on phone I want a different layout and don’t want the tekst on the image anymore, so every tekst that are linked in my CMS collection with a white color gets lost on the white background of the page.

How can I turn off the tekst color dynamic style only on the phone breakpoint?


I fixed this problem, I just copied the div deleted all the dynamic style’s on it and keep it hidden on every breakpoint except phone.

Now I want to do the same with the nav bar but when I name the class
navbar phone | hidden
It is hidden everywhere when I edit the class name on phone to:
Navbar phone | shown
it shows it everywhere.

So basically my problem is that my navbar can’t hide on different breakpoint.