Turn off an interaction for mobile

The topic says it all, I have an interaction and I want it to be turned off on lower resolutions, how do I achieve that?


You can’t.

You can create two similar elements, one you’ll hide for anyhting than mobile, without interaction, and vice versa

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Can I edit it later in Javascript somehow? So it uses $window.size or something?

I personaly wouldn’t know, at all, I know nothing in JS.

Hi @terzista, thanks for the post. @vincent is correct, the interactions cannot yet be turned off for mobile views. duplicating the content and having the duplicated content without interaction set to be visible on mobile is probably the easiest solution.

I set this topic to the Wishlist category so that we can look at this for future updates :slight_smile: Cheers, Dave

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please add that soon. i am waiting so long for this. don’t know why this hasn’t been implemented in the first place as webflow is the master of responsiveness. every interaction should have a “visible on” option like we already have it for every element on the page.

doubling the content is definitely no option for me. i don’t know why everyone is recommending this option in this forum. if you want to change content you would always have to change it twice (once for mobile and one for desktop). also you cannot use the same ids and so you would also have to double the navigation and update its links. its a whole load of work and decreases usability a lot!