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Tubular Glitch On The Editor

I was trying to add a video with controls using the jQuery Tubular program. I followed the steps exactly as outlined in one of the forum posts by Vincent (Need help with Tubular), but when I save the custom code in design, publish the website, and view it in the editor, my video flashes on screen for maybe a second, and then disappears and never re-appears. Here is my code, which I got from the mentioned forum post:

Does everything look correct in the code? Or is it a bug in the editor? I am using Chrome version 49.0.2623.112 as the browser for the designer and editor.

Hmm. Would you mind posting your Webflow share link so we can take a look at how it fits into the page?

I am somewhat new to Webflow, where do I find the share link?

Nevermind, found it…

This is my practice site, where I make the elements work first before putting them into my actual website.

When you publish your website (to the version), does it still behave this way? Or is it simply in the Webflow Editor that it appears to glitch and disappear?

After I set the website up and added the code, I clicked on the publish menu in the upper right corner of the designer and selected the first option. Then, I try to see it in the editor, but the video flashes and disappears. Is there another way to see this website besides in the editor?

Yes! Press this button from the Publish dropdown:

Hmmmm…yeah it still just flashes and then I don’t see it…You couldn’t see the video either on your end with the link I shared?

I see a blank Editor with a body class named “video bg” but nothing else. :neutral_face:

Yeah, I don’t know what’s wrong…I used everything from this post:

(Need help with Tubular

It looks like it worked for them…

Update on the problem. I opened my website in the editor on my computer at work and the video does not disappear. So, my code works. There isn’t any sound though…Also, the Chrome version at work is the exact same as the version on my home computer. So, I still don’t know what the difference is, but it shows up on other computers…

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