Tubular bg disappears not on devices, SOLVED :-)

Bon Dia!

I have one more last question about this tubalar thing :slight_smile: I’ve recogniszed that it shows up on devices to, even when you set the div.wrapper only desktop. For devices i am making an other movie-slider. When I try on my phone, you see youtube on the background is trying to load. That makes the website loading stupid (especialy with our Caribbean network, that’s really slowwww smile ) Is there a code or something else that I can do?

I’v tried to make a copy of the homepage only for devices, but than I have for every change/page, to fit in an other menu, every page has to by copied, every link, id etc. have to be different etc.



Have you maybe an solution?, I love my homepage on desktop with tubular I want to keep it,

Already many thanks in forward,
Saludos, Corine

PS I found in https://code.google.com/p/jquery-tubular/issues/list does work for (android) mobiles.