Trying to send CTA button from form into Calendly popup in a page

I have a CTA on this site where someone inputs their name/phone/email. I want the form to then bring them to a Calendly URL, but remain on the page.

This is a CMS collections page … I have the Calendly URL inputted inside the Custom fields inside in my template page, but when I submit the form, it just says “Thanks for submitting!” I am using a form from this page

Is there something I need on the “Action” part of the “Form Block settings” for success to bring up the Calendly URL scheduler once the form is submitted?

Here is my site Read-Only: [Webflow - BPBG VSL]

You may be able to set the redirect setting on the form with custom code on page load, before Webflow.js binds it. You’d just have to see if it works.

If not, and you’re using Webflow’s build-in form handler for your data-capture, then things get uglier because it’s tricky to determine when a form post was completed, is valid, and was successfully captured.

You’re easiest solution there is to just put a “book now” button inside of the success message. User has to click again, yes but anything else will require a fair bit of trying out different custom code solutions to see if you can make something work alongside the Webflow form handler.

Note that typically in this situation I’ll build this out to use a 3rd party handler like Basin, or to run a Make scenario. Then I have full control over the form post and I know whether it succeeded. On completion, you can do whatever you want since you have all the information you need. But again, all custom code.