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Trying to rename a class in the style manager in Edge Browser results in a blank column

(Note: I’m not going to include my site’s read-only link as I am under an NDA until the site is live. But my issue is not on my site anyway, it’s in the Style Manager column, so I am sure anyone who has the new chromium Microsoft Edge should be able to reproduce it.)

I am currently using Microsoft Edge to do my devving/webflowing and I am noticing a strange and mildly irritating glitch in the Style Manager.

If I want to re-name a class and the name is too long and ends up “touching” the edge of the style manager column, it just goes blank. If I try to rename a class and end up typing a long enough name, it also causes the Style Manager column to go blank. Then, I have to scroll up and down to be able to see the Style Manager’s classes again after it’s gone blank.

I ended up going to the actual style itself in the Styles column to re-name the class, which kinda feels against the whole point of having the style manager to see and update classes as necessary.

Check out my Screen Recording to see what I mean.

EDIT: I see that it states that Webflow is supported in Chrome and Safari, but it does the same thing in the Chrome browser. Is it just me?