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Trying to put a div between other two div's

when I need to put a div between two other div’s this error occurs (see video:
div does not have the option to get in the middle, only inside another div, and is not what I want.
for me this is a bug, no?

you might want to open up your sharing permissions on that google drive file to public so we can see it. =)

I do not know why I can never share by the google docs, but I can by the dropbox:

protip: Install Jing to make screencasts and upload them easily.

edit: After watching your video, yes. I too have the same frustrations at times when I want to move divs around. Since, i’m not an official webflow dev, I’ll leave it up to them to answer.

While you wait for an answer, I usually just move the div to the very bottom, then move the one above it, below the new one.

hope this makes sense. gl hf =)

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yes, I usually do things like that. But it would be nice to improve the tool.

Sorry guys! We’re working on improving our Drag and Drop so it’s more sensitive. Thanks for pointing this out!