Trying to make horizontal tab

Hello, I’m trying to make an horizontal tab like this:

but I want tab’s body to be under tab not in the bottom of all tabs can i get help please ?

Hello Ibrahem,

Correct me if I got you wrong, but seems you want to create “accordion”, something like this

Let me know if I am right, because then you do not need to use tabs widget.


Yes just like that, Please give me more information how can I make it, I became thinking that you know every thing @sabanna :smile:

I guess what you want to achieve is called an accordion. Accordions are often used as menus on the side or in a block to fit a lot of content.

In Webflow, I successfully built accordions without custom code, using drop-down menu widgets.

You can see that in action here: (you can clone the site or click for the public link)

I’m pretty sure you can alter them in order to use them not as menu items. Must be feasible.

In any case, I don’t think it’s going to be evident or easy to do it with a tab widget… I may be wrong, I haven’t tested, but I have the feeling it’s easier with dropdowns because the menu I did was very easy to put in place, no hack at all, it just behaved as expected right away.

Oh that means much work :frowning: Thx guys for help :smile:

Well, there is some other way to create accordion:

Hope I was able to explain :smiley:

LOL, You were drawing :smile:, BTW very nice i got the point thanks :smiley:

:slight_smile: yeah, sometimes such drawing helps to explain better :wink:
Glad it helps

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