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Trying to make auto open lightbox

Hello, I’m trying to make Auto open light box when open the site
also I’m trying to make something hide after a time is that possible in webflow ? thanks.

You can easily open a lightbox when the site loads.

Just apply a trigger “Load” on the actual lightbox, its “Initial Appearance” should be set to oppacity 0%, display: none. Then on load set its visibility to 100% and display block.

The other wish I think would need some javascript/jquery code.

You can set a delay in the interactions panel on an element for it to be hidden after a certain set time as follows:
Select an element, and set it’s initial appearance to Block with 100% opacity, add a delay, then opacity to 0%, then display none :). Here are the steps in images. Let me know if you have any questions @Ibrahem_Al_Badareen :smile:

Thanks very much guys, You helped me so much :smile: But I still can’t make auto open lightbox :frowning:

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My pleasure :slight_smile: Excited to see your implementation of these tactics. :slight_smile: Feel free to tag me if you ever have a question. :smile:

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Just follow what Daniel_Schultheiss gave, and you can do it or check the Interaction tutorial on webflow site.

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