Trying to make a multi level drop down menu, but to no avail

I’m trying to make a multi-level drop-down menu.

I placed a nav bar at the top of my page and inserted a drop-down component (called “Teaching”). Then I added a second drop-down component (“Demos”) under the “Teaching” list. It displays perfectly in both the tablet and mobile views, when I click the hamburger menu, but on the desktop view, I’m having two issues.

First, when I click “Demos” the font moves down. I’ve tried adjusting the padding and margins but it still moves downward upon clicking. If I adjust it to look correct before clicking then it slides downward and looks unevenly spaced after clicking.

The second issue is that after I click “Demos”, Items # 1, 2 & 3 block “Student Work”.

I’m new to webflow so any insight would be greatly appreciated. I have a basic understanding of

I tried looking in the tutorials and forums but I couldn’t find anything relevant.

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