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Trying to make a album grid but can't adjust image margins

I’m creating a portfolio and here’s what I have so far I can make the desktop view look like i want, but when I adjust the mobile view in terms of spacing between the images the desktop is affected. I have a Column, placed my images in the columns. To adjust the padding in the mobile view Ill create a group where I have adjusted a specific padding direction. Ill go back to the desktop but the padding adjustments have messed up the alignment there now. Am I missing something?

Hi can you please share your projects’ public link? Check on the dashboard of the project, the share button on top right. and here’s how I’m trying to lay out my home page The only difference is I want less of a gap on the sides on every page. Here’s some things I have to:

  1. Center my logo. Also lengthen its width to to take up most of top.
  2. Adjust the padding for the gallery in one device view without affecting the other.
  3. Create links for each gallery image that leads to a breakdown page of that asset.
  4. Within the breakdown page make the images clickable so that they enlarge while remaining on that very page.

I’ve watched tutorials but things haven’t necessarily clicked with me yet. I appreciate the help :smiley:

add a container to your section, put the logo in it. give a class to the container, and in typography click on center text. Logo should be centered. Your logo should appear a 1:1 scale anyway, if you want it bigger, go back to photoshop to give hime the full container size for example, 960px.

in each column, put a div and give it a name, put the image inside. Set the image to 100% width and adjust the padding of the div. Each setup for each breakpoint will affect the breakpoints under it. So set the padding for each breakpoint/device starting by desktop, then tablet, then… etc.

in 1. instead of a div, add a link block, and set the link to the page you want.

I guess use a lightbox widget. Or put uour images in a block link and craft an interaction to show them on click.

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