Trying to get slides to show when buttons are pressed

Hi, everyone. I’m attempting to use the slider element to dynamically shift between content when corresponding page link buttons are clicked/pressed. I have lengthy content description, but I want it to only display when selected by tapping/clicking an individual button. Sort of like tabs, but more of a manual setup. I’m doing this because the manual setup matches the back of my business cards so that my clients will be greeted with a familiar look. I’ve been able to create the look, but not the function. The intent was to have a multi column setup that wouldn’t scroll for days (there are 17 items in the list) when a user is on mobile.

so, two columns, first column is a slider with every item and description. second column is the visual representation of the business card. there are 17 buttons that match the description titles and I want the user to be able to tap the button and have the slider show the appropriate content.

I have tried using in page linking, but it only scrolls to the slider and the slider does not then display the correct content even though I have the in page IDs tied to the individual slides and not the whole slider.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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