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Trying to get horizontal collection to be responsive. Help!

Hey all,

So I have been able to create a horizontal scroll with separate DIV’s and it’s totally responsive as you can see on my site.

But I am trying to do the same thing with a collection and having SO much trouble as it isn’t responsive.

I will be your best friend for life if you can show me what I am doing wrong here.

Here’s the link to view my site: Webflow - New Canvas Site

Hey @travisclark - which page are you trying to do the horizontal scroll on? Looks like you have quite a few!

Sorry about that! I just published it. It’s underneath the second horizontal section.

Haha I still don’t know what section you’re referring to, sorry. Which page are you talking about? And what section on that page? You have a lot of pages, and I don’t know which section on which page you mean. Thanks!

Sorry for the confusion. It is the Home page and it’s the 6th section down. It currently is a full-width section of a series of blog posts.

I am wanting to do a horizontal scroll of these blog posts similar to the horizontal scrolling content above it.

Hey @travisclark - sorry for such a late reply. Were you able to get this figured out? Let me know if not!

Also, for the horizontalscroll sections, I like to add this code to the page settings so the little scrolbar doesn’t show:

.grid-halves::-webkit-scrollbar {display: none;}

Good luck with the site, looks great!