Trying to get hamburger menu

Hi everyone, just trying to get the hamburger menu for the website I got to make responsive.
I think the navbar is non native and I dont have the options to just select the defualt hamburger menu. Also If someone would give some tips on how they would go about making the website responsive for mobile, it would be a huge favor and help! Thanks!

Hey @Stefan_Mitrovic, with a lot of text. It can be tricky to fit all of the text in a single span. I would recommend using the nav-bar component Webflow provides and going from there.


Yeah the thing is the client sent me the website and the task was just to do the responsiveness, and Im trying to not change the existing navbar, is there a simpler way?

Unless you want super tiny text or 6 nav items stacked on top of each other eachother in a flexbox, not really.

And if I add the navbar from webflow, is it complicated to re do the links and stuff, Im a designer and I rarely do stuff on webflow so Im not that experienced, but I would like to learn

Yup! Everything can be copied over and styled appropriately!

Is there a tutorial out there for custom hamburger menus made with interactions. The client is strict about not using the webflow one.