Trying to fix overflow on nav items


I’m trying to fix the nav so that “CONTACT” doesn’t overflow beneath the nav menu when the desktop view resizes just before it hits the ipad breakpoint. I’ve tried some things but have been unsccuessful.

I’ve been able to fix my other sections that weren’t work relative to resizing, just have not been able to crack this nav…at least such that it it still looks decent.


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Hello @nathanphilsteele

I created a video with a fix, hope that helps

The only thing that I did was to give the nav Menu container a Display of Flex and reduce the margin of the nav links to 20 px each side.


thank you for that @aaronocampo

I’m pretty sure I tried that…I didn’t like how it looked at larger width sizes.

I think there is no way around it…I need a custom breakpoint.

Is there a hired hand that could do that for me…keep the contact from flowing on to the next line and still look good?..maybe a coder?



I don’t think there’s a need of a coder but at the end its your call.

I did another example taken into account larger width sizes, you just need to set a Maximum width.

Here’s the example:


Hopefully that helps.


Perfect! @aaronocampo You’re the man!



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