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Trying to curate content on collection item pages


I’m trying to make a website where a publish some kind of a product catalog and curate external content related do them (articles links, images and embedded videos). So, I create six categores (collections) and started to populate it with products.

The problem is: how to publish the curated content - because I can’t create a collection for each product (collection item).

So, I have the following idea:

  1. Create an ID field on each category collection to identifie each item (such as: “01”;

  2. Create a global collection to publish the curated content of all products, also with an ID field to put the ID of the item.

  3. Them, on the item page, I could publish the collection list filtered by the ID.

The problem is that there no way to set filter. Someone could help me with that?

I accept other ideas. What I want is to create collections of products (such as movies or phones etc) and curate external content on its pages.


Here is my public share link:

Hi @fersousa,

A much easier way is to add a ‘featured switch’ to your product item settings and manually switch on the product you’d like to curate on the homepage or wherever you want to display them.

In the collection list settings on your page, add a filter for ‘featured switch’ and select ‘is set’. Only products with ‘featured switched on’ will be displayed.

Hope this helps.