Trying to create a simple slider inside a link block

I would like to create a very basic slider, with a series of images cross-fading, within a link block.

I’ve tried to achieve this using the slider component, as well as using animations, without success.

I’ve made a video that briefly makes clear what I’m trying to do (and why), along with the mechanics of my failed efforts so far:

Any help, either showing me how to achieve what I’m trying to achieve, where I’m going wrong, or leading me to a relevant third-party tutorial somewhere (I’m familiar with all tutorials on the Webflow site already) would be really appreciated.


Here is my site Read-Only:

I apologies I couldn’t watch the video so maybe this is not what you are asking for, but wouldn’t seting your slider inside the link to autoplay and cross-fade animation produce the desired result?

Yes, that solved the problem. (I neglected to notice that the auto-play option was unchecked—an embarrassingly obvious mistake once you pointed it out.)

Thank you very much, @dram, I really appreciate it.

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I am glad that worked!

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