Trying to create a combined social media feed that auto updates when user posts content to any social media

I want to create a feed on a web page that pulls content directly from the users social media channels. So that when ever they post something new on any social media platform it automatically adds that content to the feed on the webpage in chronological order.

Any one have any ideas about how I can accomplish this?

Possible duplicate

I’m not looking to link them to the site that is simple what I want to do in essence is created for lack of a better term an RSS feed that draws from each social media account (Instagram, twitter, facebook, youtube, sound cloud etc). Does this make sense @samliew ? Maybe you could help me articulate my concept in a better way that more people would be able to respond to?

I see. You might be able to do it with Zapier

Instead of RSS being the source, perhaps you can get it to work with a social media trigger.

If that doesn’t work, then you have to create an app with a server-side language (hosted elsewhere) to pull content and generate an RSS feed.

how would I go about creating the app?

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