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Trying to build a portfolio like the London template -> BIG mess

Hi people,

I have literally been struggling with this for about four hours so I really need your help.

I am trying to build a portfolio like the one on the London template (
This is my website:

I’m trying to get the top left one of the portfolio right so I can copy it to the others. Right now, I’m at the point that even just adding a link block into that portfolio block and making it another width completely messes up my navbar all the way on the top (seriously try it). Because of it I had to go back to a backup file several times. Also, the project name text dissappears behind the grey block behind it. And on top of it sometimes when I add a new div block or link block on the portfolio block the whole “overlay” div block goes down to the portfolio block below it, even though the navigator says it’s still in the block above it.

I really hope someone can help me because I’m completely lost. Can someone please give me a clear explanation of how to fix this problem and make my portfolio look like the one on the London template?

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