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Trying to "attach" links to responsive background image


I’m new at everything - so excuse my ignorance. I would like to make a site where the links on the site directly relate to the background artwork like this:

Of course when the window resizes it looks like this:

And resizing for mobile is hopeless:

Any way I can resolve these issues? Here is the link to my site:

I will be so grateful if someone can help me solve this!

Hi @jamessiewert1 welcome to the community! :smiley:

I would suggest slicing your image to have each link be its own image. What you’re trying to do is the old school imagemap technique which isn’t used in web design anymore due to responsive design.

But in all honesty, I would rethink your layout cause the user experience of it may be a bit confusing to most people.

Also, just a friendly reminder that this is a great place to get started with Webflow:

Hey Nelson -

Each link is its own image - I’ve already done that. It doesn’t seem to fix
the issue.

It slightly seems like webflow will not work for this.

(sigh) No I am not going to change the layout - may not be obvious to you
or anyone else but I spent over a week making that background by hand with
the idea that the website will work in precisely this way.

I get that its a minority opinion but look - I don’t LIKE how homogenous
the web looks now - everything looks like a variation of about five
different emotionally inert templates scrubbed clean of any personality or
humanity and all based off the same five groupings of tiresome rectangular
blocks. I don’t mind that someone may have to take an extra 1.5 seconds to
figure out how navigate the site, its more important to me that theres
some meager experience of novelty in the site.

Hey Nelson -

Finished my website in dreamweaver:

I had to learn to code to make it and I would have LOVED if there was a graphic application like webflow that was able to do what I wanted.

I have no idea how many kookie artists like me there are out there whose main goal is to make a visual site that represents their style, rather than a purely informational site that is as simple and intuitive as possible, but I kinda thing I can’t be the ONLY one. If there was a website builder that was graphic but also treated a webpage as a genuine blank slate rather building in all these assumptions about what the designer wanted I really think it would be appealing to a lot of people.


James Siewert

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