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Trying to add a custom icon using the after pseudo class inside a cms rich text element

I am trying to add a brand icon at the end of the last paragraph of each cms based article with a rich text element.
So far I have been able to add the icon to the rich text class. But it appears after each paragraph element with the rich text element. I want it to appear only at the end paragraph.

Is it possible. I have an idea but unable to execute it…
I am unable to select paragraph nested within rich text element class using custom code…

Read only link here: LINK

Hey @nainmade, welcome to the Webflow forums!

Please can you include a read-only link to your project so we can take a better look and try to help you.

With regard to the brand icon, why are you wanting to place it inside a rich-text element? Why not place an image element at the bottom of the page, and map it to an image field in your CMS called ‘Brand Icon’ or something similar? Or am I missing something?

Hi @Oli.Timmis, thanks for replying…
My bad should’ve posted it in the original post. I have updated the read only link on the original post as well as pasting below:-

Regarding the brand icon placement:- The client wants the icon to appear at the end of the last paragraph in each post inline with the last word(as is the case in some editorial content).

Some posts have images in the end and that is messing it for me.

Was able to figure out a work around by creating 2 rich text elements and with the second one only having the last paragraph and giving it a custom a class to have the icon at the end.

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Hey @nainmade, I’m glad you managed to find a solution!

I have also just seen this on YouTube this morning (developed by @Finsweet). It may be of some use to you -


Thanks Oli!
This seems to be a good solution.
Will check it out and definitely use for the next project.

Thanks for the response!