True order mansory and infinite scroll

Hi all,

I am working on my first website and need some help with something.

I am creating a collection in mansory style (used this tutorial: and it worked fine.

Then I added an infinite scroll from finsweet (

But now it is piling up the collection items of page 2 on page 1, it eliminates the masonry style from page 2 onwards and it is going over the footer that is not moving down.

Another issue that I don’t know how to fix is that I would like to have fewer columns on mobile version, but if I change it, it changes in all screen sizes.

I also intend to add a custom lightbox with the item information, but would like to solve the basics of the page first.

Many thanks

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This is an ongoing bug with Finsweet load more…it screws up the interactions and styles of the elements that are initially hidden by the pagination filter. I’ve tried writing them in all possible places, but didn’t get an answer. @Finsweet

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