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Troubleshooting Link feature

What I would like to see here is a way for the client to communicate with the developer somehow. Maybe the client or coworker, whomever you shared the link with, can highlight an area and put a comment there to say things like “make this blue less blue” or “use another font here” or “I want this area to be seen in phone view”. What do think"


So you’d like to see a collaboration tool, like an overlay where they can draw shapes to highlight areas and tag notes to those edits?

I like this idea. A dev could also use something like this if it was like how photoshop uses layer comps. You can present 2 or 3 design views, i.e. picture on top or on the left…

When I first read about the feature and tried it I didn’t think the link would show all tools to be played with.
You can already highlight the divs so why not get rid of all the tools to the right and when one of the divs is highlighted you can make a comment on the right. Maybe it can save versions so you can go back and forth. Or different design as you said. There is tools like this already out there but it would be nice to have it integrateded in this tool.

I think this is a great idea - currently the troubleshooting link feature is good for other designers to use, but clients will need something more simple, or something where they can simply ‘draw over’ a website, maybe a little like in the image below.



feature request


Haha! We added the Troubleshooting link so you guys can post it on the forums to get help from each other. What you guys are talking about is a share and comment feature. Thanks for the suggestion!