Troubleshooting help needed on two nav bars

I am in the process of finishing up prep on my first blog build. It is not a standalone blog, but is on my client’s website. My hope is to keep the main site’s nav bar at the top at all times, with a second nav bar appearing below it when someone is on a blog page. There are a few issues I could use help finding solutions for.

Issue #1:
Is it possible to have “blog” in the top nav bar be highlighted on all blog pages (i.e., all posts page, author pages, posts, category pages)? Currently, it’s only highlighted on the blog’s home page.
UPDATE/SOLVED: I finally figured this out. I created another version of the top nav bar with “blog” highlighted and used it on all the blog pages.

Issue #2:
On the blog’s home page, “home” is highlighting blue and I have no idea why.

Issue #3:
The middle link in the second nav bar (“mulesoft”) is not highlighting white when you’re on that page, even though I think I set it to do so. This link is from a collection list, though (blog categories), so I’m wondering if that’s why somehow. More categories will be added to the nav bar when posts with different categories are added to the blog.

Maybe worth noting that the “all posts” link is appearing as it should (but it’s a regular link, not a collection list link).

Thanks in advance for any help at all!

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Hi @JJNJ !

For your issue#2 just change your “blog nav” when it is in “current”.
Add its original color to force the color.

It’s the same for your issue#3 change the text color when it is in “current”

Hi @zbrah !
Thank you so much!! I hadn’t realized there was a current state at all, so not only did you solve my problem, I learned something new.