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Troubles with Show and Hide Text Interaction

Hey guys!

I am desperately trying to reproduce the show & hide of text block interaction following the instructions here:

The problem with my interaction is that the element does appear smoothly. First appears all the content of the element and only then comes the frame. I am applying the click interaction to a block to affect the table. I would appreciate any help.

The website is not in English, so I renamed the troubled page into “HELP NEEDED!” Here is the link:

Easy Peezy. Just set your container div that is shown to overflow: hidden and it won’t do that anymore. I’ve made a video for you:

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You can’t imagine how grateful am I, DFink! Thank you very much!


Did Dfink solve your problem? If so please mark his post as the solution as to let the rest of the Webflow community know that your problem has been resolved. :wink::blush::+1: Thanks! :grinning:

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