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Trouble with whitespace with inline-block and float set to off

Hello everyone!

I’m brand new to Webflow and loving it. Working on wrapping up a new site for a client but am encountering irregular spacing at the tops of bottoms of the divs that I have on The Projects page and within the Explore More section on the individual project pages (please see screenshots). They are inline block and set to 50% width. Been working hard to figure out the issue but can’t seem to crack it. Hopefully it’s something simple I’m overlooking. Let me know what you think!

Public webflow link:

Live site on our server:


P.S. On a side note, it seems that the Position panel on the right of the Designer is closed everytime I go back to edit a style. Pretty frustrating haha. Do you know what the reason for this is?

From the screen shots this looks like you are in countering a bug.

Hi @marcusyves. could you try to give your profile div blocks a float left? Inline block plus float off results in whitespace before and after an element. Setting float left will cause the elment to use all available space. Set float left on all the project divs that are under the body.

The very last project div block could be set to float off, since you will want to put space between that and next section etc.

Does this help?

Hey Cyberdave!

Yes, thank you, it looks like this worked! My apologies for the late response. I appreciate the help!


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