Trouble with whitespace on exported site

Today I tried to download files to my server which I’ve downloaded from webflow. BUT, some layouts have not proper view. I don’t understand why.
Help, pls with advice.

Project adress -
Page that not looks good in the hosting -

Hi @Stepan2017, thanks for reaching out. It seems there is some margin on one of the tab link classes that when removed cause the elements to be on all one row, I would check the margins and styling on the tab links:

Also, on another part of the page, there were some images which were displaying like this:

I believe this behavior is due to whitespace on the page, shown on the exported site due to the styling of the lightbox-beinvogue class, which are set to display-inline block, with a float set to off.

When I added float left, then the whitespace created by display inline block is used up:

Select your lightbox class on and change and add float left, and that should solve the issue.

Take a peek here how to troubleshoot display inline-block whitespace issues on exported sites: Display settings | Webflow University

I hope this helps.

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Thank you very much Dave! Everything helped for me. Thanks for the article about inline-block!

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