Trouble with video BG element in a slider element


I had a slider with about 6-7 slides working fine. I added a video BG into one of the slides, but the rest of the slides have become invisible - well, they’ve moved down to below the slider frame. Nothing seems wrong with the slider - I’m sure i’ve made a hash of it somewhere in the slider, but have tried loads of positioning options - to no avail. Please help!!

Slide 1 seems fine with the vid bg, slide 2 makes me unhappy… It should be some colourful product info .

Sorry, images refusing to upload!

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Can you please update your post with some more information so we can help you faster? Things like screenshots and your environment info really speed things up.

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Hi there,
not sure if it’s me, but my my screenshots aren’t uploading!
Environment info? I’m in the UK, if that’s what you mean?

Hey @mubin great question! If you change your display setting on your first slide class back to it’s default setting, that will resolve the issue:

:smile: please let me know if this helps

That’s great!! that solves the slider view for everything else, but then this happens to slide 1 (everything shifts left on slide1). Please feel free to let me know if its one of my dumb days…

Sorry, again I tried to upload a screen shot with no joy…

Kind regards


Hey @mubin this is strange behavior and I am looking into it right now (it’s not your fault). If you click on the blue style for the display setting you can click the “Remove this style” button and that fixes the issue. :smile:

@Waldo if no one else says it, take it from me, your a genius.

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