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Trouble with Twitter Preview and CMS

I’m not sure which category to put this…apologies if it needs to move.

I’m having trouble with preview cards on Twitter for CMS pages. The weird part is, it worked a week ago with CMS-created pages. Today, when I go to post to Twitter and link to one of my own pages, no preview. I checked on the developer tools page for Twitter and dropped the link in there, and it says “No card found (Card error).” I also get this on the page where it worked one week ago. Today it doesn’t work.

I do not get an error on my main home page, just the CMS created content page.

Any suggestions on what might have changed since a week ago? Something I need to do on my end in Webflow? I appreciate your help.

Nevermind. I solved it. Meta description tag was empty in the page template. Then nothing to pull into the Open Graph section. Fixed now.