Trouble with svg map embed

Thank you for your help in Advance :blush:
Hi guys, I’m building an Interactive SVG map and I have 2 questions :grimacing:
the first one is: when I set the position on webflow it looks exactly where should be, but when I publish it, the position was completely different.

The second question: anyone know how can I show the country name whenever I hover like this
Small GIF (400x273)

This is the read link: Webflow - world map

and that is the published link:

Response deleted by me. I always forget to look on tags :skull: Sorry I’m not Webflow support member.

You’re usimg em as the image width and height unit. It’s a relative unit, meaning it will change based in the parent div that it’s in. I’m guessing that’s the issue here.

Thank you for taking the time and helping me :blush: do you think i should change it to PX?