Trouble with slider

  • I have multiple sliders which are set to start automatically…
  • I have disabled all swipe gestures and arrows/buttons
  • I am trying to make it so if a user clicks on the slide or taps it with their finger, it does not stop the slide from sliding.
  • I have tried to do this by placing a div in the slide/section and setting it to position Absolute and ‘cover’. It has worked for the top slider, but it does not work for all others below it. The slides still stop when you click the slide to tap it…

How do I fix this?..

Here is my site Read-Only:
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Set Div Block 3 as Position: Relative and tell me if it works.

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Works beautifully now. Thank you so much mate. it was driving me mad :):grinning:

That’s great! I’m happy to help

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