Trouble with site design

I have a few problems I’ve encountered while designing my temp page for my website:

  1. I’m trying to fix the header on my site with a text box. Whenever I click the view it gets messed up…

  2. The column frames are showing when I click the view button once but I have to exit and click it again for it to disappear, is that normal?

  1. I have a text box with an email in one row and 2 rows beneath it. I want just the email to get an under line and not everything in the text box, how do I do that?

  1. My site gets all messed up when I try to see it on other devices, why is that? (I have a gif image in the background 1024x576 px)

Thank you!

Hi @dani, thanks for the posting about this ! Could you share the site read-only link:, that way it will be possible to check and see what’s up with this :smile:

Seems the structure you’re using is a bit off, try building the page up with section’s and containers that will help a lot to make these errors go away.

quickly made the site with sections and containers so you can see how i’ve done it

Webflow link:

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