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Trouble with sending form on gmail address

Hello everyone and long live Webflow.
I have a curious problem sending form on 2 websites hosted by Webflow.
Since October 4, the owners of these two websites no longer receive the form content on their Gmail address, knowing that their Gmail addresses work very well.
I tried with other email addresses, it works.
I associated my email address with the sending of the form, I receive the mail sent from the form.
It’s strange, because it’s only with the Gmail addresses of the owners that it does not work.

I solved the problem with Zapier.
Has anyone encountered this kind of incident?
I hope I have been clear, meanwhile I’m going to have fun with the grid.

All the best

Hi @ubaldolecca,

I had a similar issue and asked about it directly to Webflow support.
On my end it was probably a mistake from my client clicking the unsubscribe link (without noticing or remembering he did) in the webflow notification email.

I recommend you contact them about it as they always do their best to sort out issues like this.