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Trouble with scrolling interaction


I can’t figure out why when scrolling (slowly) between the “process section” and the “testimonials section” of my site there seems to be a bug and the scrolling not smooth and the testimonials slider shakes. I’m really trying to have smooth transitions with this site and this has been driving me absolutely crazy as I can’t figure out what the source is for making this occur.

Could someone please have a look and help a sista out? Thanks in advance!


Here is my read only link

And here’s the site link:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @rlowe1228

Thanks for posting about this.

It looks like this is caused by the current class for your link. Here’s a quick video

Hope this helps!

@Brando Thanks SO much! All gooooood now. You rock. :slight_smile:

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