Trouble with responsive menu

Although it works fine in the webflow designer after exporting the code it no longer works.

The responsive menu opens but I can’t click to a new page and the hover functionality is missing too. Plus no hand to show it is an active link.
I reset all the links but that didn’t work.

Here is a link to the uploaded site to view how the responsive menu doesn’t respond:

In the read-only link I posted you can see it is working fine in the webflow designer

Here is my site Read-Only: ** **
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

it doesn’t work in the browser on my local drive, it doesn’t work when uploaded to 3rd party server, it only works in the designer and when I publish it to webflow

here is the webflow published link:

not using any custom code

Hi there,

I was able to take a look at your project, and noticed an overlay that was preventing us from clicking on the mobile menu links.

The following short screen-capture shows a possible solution:

Would you be able to revert to the design that is exported so that I can take a look for you?

Thanks in advance :smile:

Hi thanks so much for getting back and sending the screen capture, much appreciated!

I have since re-built the navbar which is no longer in a symbol but the same problem persists. So the new export is live now at the link posted: Also newly published to webflow and all reflected correctly in the read-only link. So everything you see there will be from the same code.

Thank you!

…I still don’t really understand it

Ps what you saw earlier with the reduced menu was a mistake which I have since corrected. But all three links are now running from the same code. Still the same problem though and I’m sure you will see the same overlap in the code.

Hey there,

I was able to locate the issue to be the custom code that you can find at

Try removing the custom code, and then re-uploading your project:

I was able to test this for you, and found that this fixed the issue.

You can also view the console error on your current site at:

Once again thank you so much Micah!

So do I remove both pieces of custom code (I forgot it was there, put in my partner), for Google Analytics and for Clicky? Are they both disrupting?

Ok, sorry I get now, I’m removing all the custom code and re-uploading

will let you know the results!

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I am currently uploading but I checked it from my local drive and problem solved. I don’t want to sound funny but I am humbled by your kindness in helping me. It might just be another part of your work day but after three days for me of scratching my sore head you have brought me happiness and a profound relief.

And for that I will be forever grateful!

One more time, thank you Micah

ps I like your work website, looks like you are busy doing interesting projects



No problem, and I’m glad I was able to help.

I know that feeling of being at a hurdle, and I humbled that I was able to work with you on it.

Anytime :bowing_man:

ps Thanks! :pray: Yeah, I’ve been enjoying it

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