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Trouble with random collections

I don’t want certain collection templates and they are sticking around making it hard to navigate the templates I DO need… please stop automatically creating random collection templates and keeping them around when we don’t want certain ones.

At the very least, we should be able to delete these.

Hi @cjroe, sorry to hear about the trouble, collection templates get created each time a collection is created.

When a collection is deleted, the template also gets deleted.

If you are having some trouble deleting cms collections or templates, contact to support and we can help with that.

The general procedure to delete collections and corresponding templates is:

  1. Delete all/some collection lists from pages and symbols bound to collections you wish to delete
  2. Delete all items from all/some Collections
  3. Delete all/some collections

If the issue is different, can you list the steps you are taking, and more information about the random collections, such as site link, collection names that are getting created?

If you do want to share that publicly, then contact to support from the contact page and we will be happy to help.

Thanks in advance.

The thing that’s somewhat unclear is that the collection templates are created but are not labeled whether they are live on the site or not. If they have no elements, it doesn’t seem that they are live, however this is not the best verbosity. Ideally we should be able to disable the collection template completely, so it is clear that it’s not being used on the site.

If I have a collection that is merely a reference for colors, why would I need a collection template for each color. I’m just modeling the data in a semantic way, I’m not creating a blog with topics that are each color.


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