Trouble with phone screen size

Hi! I need your help with responsive layouts…
When you take a look at the home screen, the Desktop and Tablet layout looks fine, but if I use the phone screen size, the bottom part “About me” gets hidden and the CTA at the very bottom overrides the About me section… This is happening throughout the pages and I don’t know how to fix the issue :frowning: please help me out!
Thank you in advance!

Hi Eunhye,

Thanks Michael!
Updated the link

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Thanks Eunhye,

The main issue is the height you have set on your section at the mobile portrait breakpoint. Click the blue “height” label and undo that to let it auto-size.

But also, you might want to change the content flex to vertical on Grid 2 Column so that your about section runs as one vertical column.

Thank you so much! It worked!!

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