Trouble with new Flexbox UI

The new update to Flexbox was unnecessary as it worked fine. Now I can’t centre anything. It’s no longer intuitive and it’s slowed downed my work process and it’s impossible to use. We should have the option not to accept updates if we don’t want them.

Hey @Julie_Kaye,

Thanks a lot for your feedback.
Centering element work like before

New design is actually just changing this

To this

Not sure what makes things harder for you.
Is it just a design thing or a real bug you are facing ?
I can have a look at your project if you wan’t help to center your element.


The UI improvement makes more sense. It only changed visually, and I find it makes more sense. The old layout added confusion by making it look like vertical and horizontal had their own rows.


It’s more compact, less crowded, it leads to a lot less errors and temptations to click everywhere, and it adds the possibility to clear flexbox or flex items properties in one click… I find it pretty efficient :slight_smile:


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