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Trouble with navmenu in mobile screen

Hi there,

I’ve created a website, here is the link for your reference

It works well. But after testing on different devices, I find an issue on navigation menu. When I shrink the browser window, and click the navigation icon, the drop down menu works well, but if I view the website on tablet or mobile phone, the navigation menu doesn’t work, the navigation icon seems like un-clickable. After clicking the icon, the drop down menu doesn’t appear.

It would be appreciated if you could help me to sort it out.

Thank you very much in advance.


I’ve tested on iPhone 5s and it worked without any problems for me!

Hi @IreneDing and @StevenP, I also checked this on iphone 5s and it was working for me also. @IreneDing, can you check again? You might want to try and remove your browser history in safari settings and try again. Let us know how it works. :slight_smile: Cheers, Dave

Hi @StevenP @cyberdave ,

Many thanks for your reply.

After deleting my browser history in safari setting, I still find that the navigation menu doesn’t work on my iPhone 6. I asked my colleague to test it on his iPhone 5s, but it is also not clickable. I have no idea on what exactly the problem is.

When I open the website on mobile phone, the loading speed is very slow for me (probably I’m in China now), will be opening speed affect the navigation menu?

I look forward your reply.

Thanks again,


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