Trouble with Navigation

Hi there -

I’m having two problems with my navigation menus.

  1. On Desktop: Full Screen Menu

When I click on a link (i.e. “what we do”) it does not click to that page section - rather, it automatically clicks on another link in the menu.

The goal here is to be able to click the link, go to the appropriate page section while the full menu closes.

  1. On Mobile: Mobile Menu

The mobile full screen menu is working fine, but it seems like the links are not being hidden on the main home page. For instance, when the menu is closed and I click any button or link on the main home, it seems to see the link from the mobile menu and go to that.

The goal here is to hide the mobile menu until opened, so that the main home page buttons and links work as necessary.

Here is my site Read-Only:

All you should need to do is apply the same close menu interaction to all your links so when you click them the menu closes.