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Trouble with Nav bar drop down on one of my web pages

Hello there :slightly_smiling:

I have a technical related question with regards to the drop down nav bar. I have 6 web pages designed and this drop down nav bar works on only 5 of them when you scroll downwards on the page. It doesn’t drop down on the 5th page (client login). Can anyone suggest why this could be happening? Am I possibly missing an element in the navigational panel?

Any advice at all on this would be great!

This is what the drop down nav bar looks like when you scroll downwards on the page…this is missing from the client login page…

This is the nav bar ON the page that stays at the top…


Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @irishdesigner,

Reason of the problem is interaction “Fade up” applied to the BODY on the page “Client login”. Disconnect that interaction from the body and everything will work.

Yet, it is a bit weird that on the other pages you have same interaction (Display nav) set to several sections, which sits inside of each other plus with same class name, not sure it is good practice :confused:

Also, I would recommend making structure identical on all pages, now Navbars sits in different “places” on different pages.


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Thank you @sabanna !

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