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Trouble with my site on google search

hi to all
My site is on construction all the content is not ready…
I ve a trouble with my site… on google my site is completely invisible. But on bing and yahoo, it is correctly view (for a site in construction. Any body kwows why the site is invisible on Google…

thanks for your help…




I checked to see if the site has been indexed by Google. In the Google search box, I typed: [enter].

In the results, you’ll see how many pages are currently being indexed by Google. When I did this, I received the following results:

This shows that Google sees 7 pages of your website. Do you have that many? Or, do you have more than that on your site? If you’ve added more and don’t think they have been indexed, consider that you haven’t published them yet. Also, do you have your site connected to Google Search Console (formerly know as Webmaster Tools) and Google (or some other) Analytics? Do you have the files: robot.txt and sitemap.xml submitted to Google?

These are some of the basics to check.

Good Luck,

Thanks Brian, for your answer.
when I say my site is invisible on google search, I would say it is very bad referenced. on we find but on Orly taxi or taxis orly it’s not visible, but on bing and it’s not so bad.
I use analytics, and search console I have sitemap.xml submitted to Google, but I forget robot.txt



Your site times out in any browser I try to open it in… Chrome, Firefox, Safari or IE. I’ll try it tomorrow as well, since we may have extra traffic today due to the presidential election today. I’m located in the state of Pennsylvania, USA just for reference.

I’ll check back tomorrow,


I checked you sites today and it seems to be working much faster. I’m not sure what you mean by “bad referenced”, but the speed of load is fine.


  • Your Meta Description is 170 characters long… 160 is the max you want to use due to truncating.

  • You’re missing alt tags on three (3) images. (This is minor)

  • In various tools, I’m seeing thirty-two (32) indexed pages. As noted before, on Google “”, I only see seven (7) being indexed. This could be the issue! Make sure your robots.txt and sitemap.xml are properly formed and submitted to Google!

  • A Blog wouldn’t hurt your SEO efforts, just saying. :grinning: The most current and engaging content “bubbles up” in the Google SERPs while static content like page copy, depreciates and declines if not refreshed often.

  • Supa-dupa wins on mobile friendly, but not so much on mobile speed. Minify what you can for mobile because I’m most likely going to be on my phone if I need a taxi! Also consider that mobile has over a 50% market share of web access now it’s Uber :wink: important to do this the best you can.

  • Try to get more backlinks from other sites… maybe travel sites or affiliates?

  • Setup Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram accounts and link them to the site and from the site to them. Encourage patrons to take an Instagram pic while in the taxi should get you some lift!

  • Declaring your language on the site as can’t hurt either.

As always, just my 2¢. Best of luck!

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