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Trouble with mobile responsiveness

I’m have a couple newbie issues:

  • trouble getting responsiveness to work on mobile. Everything looks right on Webflow design site, but on actual phone the screens look incorrect. This mostly occurs at the top of each page. Been spinning my wheels on this one for a while…
  • Somehow there’s an image stuck somewhere in my nav bar on the case study pages that shouldn’t be there, and is pushing content downward. It only appears on mobile size or if you increase the nav’s section several hundred pixels in height. I can’t seem to find where the image lives.

These two issues might be related.


Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Jeffrey McCord Design
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As this is happening only on mobile I’m thinking I would probably need a link to your published site so I can see what is happening on a mobile device.

At first glance it looks like it may be the image contained in “Section - Intro 5C” that is causing the issue but I can’t be sure without seeing the full site on mobile. I would try deleting that entire section first to see if that helps.

Thanks for taking a look. It could be that portion, but I rebuilt it in a different way (and with much more knowledge than I had with the first round), and had similar problems.

Published site is Thanks!