Trouble with interaction of EACH element separately of a dynamic CMS list


Here’s my trouble : when I want to reduce by interaction a particular div contained in a list of CMS elements

(div contained is rich text element)
all div rich text of the list will be reduced.
I tried with nested and sibling but anything is working for this case.
I will be so greatful if someone could fix my trouble because it is a key point of my projet and it will be reuse several time ! I 've never tried JS or CSS or HTML custom because of my skills.

This is what happen when reducing :

Thanks a lot to you answerers !!! :grin:

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I succeed to do so by this way :

By operating directly on the inside CMS list rich text div :

The result

That is not what I ve expected to make first, but this shows the result I expect by clicking on REDUCE button,

thanks for further help

On the Interaction that is UNFOLDING the clicked element (so, limited to children), you need to put a first step that is FOLDING ALL elements (so, targetting a CLASS, and NOT limited to siblings or children).

So the logice is, when clicking, the IX folds everything (only visible on the one opened), THEN opens the clicked element (or one of its children).

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First of all, thank you Vincent for your answer,

Fixing this interaction bring me another issue : the point was i couldn’t make interaction between two different separated collection items. So I used only one collection list, and my new (obvious) issue appeared :

Compared to the old one configuration, where I had two different col with two different list :

Therefore, my question is : by keeping my interactions, am I able to split the both overflows of these two collumns, or manage overflows by a separate mean…
I hope I was enought clear !

Thank you