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Trouble with inconsistent interactions, and fixed position interactions

Hi everyone. I’ve been playing in webflow for a bit now, and promise that I have googled and tested solutions to my questions prior to posting here.

I’ve gotten a decent handle on animations currently, but am running into some inconsistencies. I am certain it’s user error, but I can’t track down what is causing it.

  1. Nav bar hide and show

I had this working perfectly well previously. But, now it’s not working. When I preview in the interaction panel, it does what it should. I have it set on page trigger scroll down and up. Initial state and end state are set for both. Can anyone see what is causing my issues? I’ve troubleshoot as best I could by removing other interactions etc…, but no luck.

  1. Fixed Position interactions.

I am trying to utilize some interactions where when it scrolls into a section, then certain fixed position elements animate. Just like the nav above, I set the initial state to display:none and opacity:0. I had the trigger being when the section is 100% in view, then it would change display:block and opacity:1. The two issues i’m running into (second one is new just like the nav issue) are: a) even though i set the initial state, and it should be turned off when the section is not in view, the elements are displayed. When i scroll through the section, it resets, etc… then it works properly. b) when I set the two elements to fixed now, I can no longer scroll. This wasn’t an issue before, but it is now.

If i’ve not provided enough information, please let me know.

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