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Trouble with fonts loading and layout

Why can’t i even see the fonts and why did my layout shift to the left

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

That’s a lot of negative margins you have there.

Hi @Ifechukwu

Your main container class has a -19 left margin, which has shifted all associated content in the same manner.

If you reset this, it should fix the bulk of the issues.

but why cant i see my text

Hi @Ifechukwu, it looks like your hero wrap has a -816px left margin, I would remove that style:

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The negative margin is preventing the text from showing in the viewport as it is -816px to the left of the text normal position.

Does this help?

yes but no not really…ive done that but cant really align the text in the center without using that amount of margin

Hi @Ifechukwu, I would recommend to take a look at the flexbox layouts example page, here you can get some layout ideas that are responsive:

I am not sure what your end objective is, but those flexbox layout examples should help.