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Trouble with exported site loading - SSL and other errors

I just made a copy of a page, but its not loading as it should? Looks like the CSS or WebGL in not good or something like that?!?

Designer link:

Hi @Koen ,

Looks like your site’s DNS settings aren’t configured correctly. And seems you have SSL enabled that’s why most assets that are served on http are blocked, so they aren’t loading correctly including css and js files. That’s why the design looks broken.

See the console errors here:

###This should be fixed once you point the domain correctly to Webflow.

Hi @Koen, I was taking another look and the site seems to be integrated into Wordpress and hosted outside of Webflow. The site is using https but trying to load a bunch of content over http instead of https on the exported site.

We do not support exported sites, but I would check how the exported site is hosted, or change to Webflow.

I hope this helps!

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Thanks Dave, it was indeed a wrong url, that was forwarded to a Wordpress (can i see that word here :slight_smile: site from the owner!

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