Trouble with drop down menue

Hi, one of the links in the drop down menu creates trouble. See screenshots. When klicking on “Jobsuche” suddenly everything is out of line. It does not work on the actual server ( ). In the toggle preview it is fine, also on the webflow server ( ) and it only concerns this link “jobsuche”. I just can’t find the root of the problem. Help would be very much appreciated.

Hi Kurt,

I’ve noticed that your page “Jobsuche” has a different symbol order and the gap on top of “Jobsuche” seems to be “header-mobile”:

Here is what you could try:

Move the Header Mobile Symbol right under Header_Landscape and try again.

I can’t check if that helps since the problem is not visible in the designer.

Hi Chris, thank you! I tried this but it does not work unfortunately. I found another disparity – will check this and let you know. Best, Kurt