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I have done a drop down menu with links and when you click on the links it does not take you to the section what I wanted. Could you help me with that?

Here is my public share link:
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Hey @Francis

Please can you share your public share link? That’s your website link.
Here is an explanation of where you can get your share link:

Hello @Anna_Kelian!

Thank you for getting in touch with me! Sure, here is the link:



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Seems like you haven’t configured the links here see on the right it says choose a page section:

Hello Anna!

I appreciate your help, but that’s not a problem. I have configured that. This is why I contacted @webflow to ask them what is the problem.

Hi @Francis, I took a look also, and I do not see any section links on the Benefits for Agents link:

A couple of points. If you are trying to link to the Benefits section on the Agents page, then you should use the url link type in the link settings, with a manual url like:


Where “agents” is the page name and “benefits” is the ID of the section you are linking to.

Section scrolling is only available for sections on the same page.

Does this help?

Hello Dave!

Thank you so much for the explanation! I have tried, but I think I do something wrong. You see when I preview the website every link in every section or menu is working as it should be. So if I click on Landlord, how is it work it takes me to that section on the Landlord page. Same with the Agent or Tenant. But after I publish it, it does not do what I want.

I changed each section on the page, give them alternative names and I still experiencing problems…

What do you suggest, what do I wrong?

Hello @cyberdave

Could you help me to understand what is the problem?



Hello Francis,

What you would like to do is simple. You would like to link to a specific section of your page with the ID for in page linking. The trick is that the links are in your nav bar which exists on every page of your site.

To accomplish this you will have to use URL linking with the url specific to the section of the page you would like to link to.

For example when you want to link to the Agents-FAQ, set your link settings to URL with this link:

You can follow the same way of linking to sections for all of your in-page navigation links.

WORD OF NOTE: When you change your website domain to a custom domain (example: you will need to change all of your links in your navigation to your domain name. For example: will now be

Hope this helps.

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Hello Josh!

It worked!! Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

Also, do you have any idea on why the hamburger (mobile nav menu) isn’t working?

That is a separate site!

Thank you!


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