Trouble with custom domain

I’m having some security problem with Chrome and Safari. Everything is working okay with Explorer.
When SSL was on, my Iframe for Instagram and Pixieset didn’t worked. So I put it back to off and did the change in Go Daddy.
My website is not transactional so I don’t think it’s that important to have SSL on.
Can you please tell me what I did wrong?
I send my request to suport but no solving answer for now
Thank you!

Hi @nadine it looks like you have your CNAME record pointing to our non-ssl record of, while your A Records are pointing to our SSL A Records.

CNAME Record:
A Records:

For non-ssl hosted sites, your A Records should be and, and your CNAME for your subdomains must point to

For SSL Hosted sites your A Records should be,, and your CNAME for your subdomains must point to

Have you had a chance to follow this tutorial on setting up your custom domain for your Webflow hosted site using GoDaddy as your DNS provider: Connect a custom domain | Webflow University

Thank for your help!

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